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As a movie buff I am very thankful for free movie-streaming sites. As someone who has spent years on sites such as this I am fully aware of the WatchMovies website series as they are one of the few that actually stream movies without many errors. Naturally there will always be streaming problems when sites offer free movie watching so I could never complain because it’s simply indecent to.
The first time I visited the site I noticed the ‘recent movies’ bar that displays newly released movies in the medium of streaming. This is a very helpful tool for anyone visiting the website both the first time and as a veteran visitor, and for those who are aware of recent releases it is a signal that the site they are visiting is fully updated in the aspect of the movies database. The categories such as New Releases, Featured, Recently Added, are very useful for all visitors and I am particularly fond of the ‘Latest Quality Updates’ category as it shows updates of movies into better versions which helps us track movies that we’ve skipped watching due to a bad cam. Overall I do not have much criticism for the functionality as everything works fine and every button leads you to the right place. Furthermore, I appreciate the work these guys put in just to offer us free movies to watch.
Design & Suggestions

There isn’t much to say about design really, although there could be a neater looking design simply by moving around some items like the colored information, making it more compact, and correctly placing the chat box to not interfere with the rest of the site. I think that placing the movies search higher makes the visitors spend less time looking for it and therefore making it more attractive as a whole.
Overall the site is how it should be: it provides good quality movies and updates them in real time.