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Yet another file sharing site with focus on movies and TV-Shows is RapidMoviez enabled with the .com domain and providing a rather large database for both movies and shows. Similar to some sites, RapidMoviez seems to be in a tight relationship with RapidRAR while the main page suggests users to get a premium subscription for the best quality gained through the site. Is the site worth paying for a premium account though?
The most attractive feature of the site is the scrolling movies by mouse at the top of the page, while categories also provide due effort on their part by allowing easier selection of movies through recent releases, popular ones, and steaming category. In the base, the site is a file sharing site that allows direct downloading mostly through the RapidRAR host, so clicking WATCH ONLINE redirects the user to the streaming capabilities of the said host while the quality is pretty good. The database is extensively large so that it also provides good quality viewing of very old movies, including black and white ones. On the right are displayed latest episodes for show lovers while just below are popular movies as well as shows for quick viewing. A rather delaying feature shows up when attempting to click the ‘watch’ links below any chosen movies, that in turn redirect to download links rather than streaming sites, so for users who want strict streaming I suggest you make use of the Watch Online category. Overall the site provides a lot of movie choices for movie buffs however the best experience is achieved through getting a premium account on the RapidRAR site; whether that is your thing or not you should definitely decide between a premium subscription on this site or just rather go for a completely free site that might offer the same results.
Design and Suggestions
Being a commercial domain site, RapidMoviez offers a really good design that is effective and works well on any scale. To be honest, the site looks a bit cluttered with the extra information, links, and category boxes all around, but that is a natural part of any site that provides free movies while advertising. I would suggest a better distinction between streaming and downloading movies in a way that both are provided from one link instead of having to switch between direct downloads and streaming links.