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Mp3Truck Proxy, Unblock access

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Mp3Truck is an album and audio file link aggregator of files available on the internet. The main page consists of links to albums with respective thumbnails linking to the album’s details page which consists of list of songs and artist details. Users can play songs on the album page or download them. Users can favorite songs or create playlists to play them at a later time. This site has been blocked in UK owing to court orders. The search results are simple with sort filters on bitrate, relevance, size and duration. Users can hide remixes from the search results. The bottom of the page shows the list of searches / songs other users are currently listening to. The site is not mobile friendly and you cannot search it when using mobile device.

Rarbg proxy, unblock

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RarBg is one of the top torrent release group along with yts. They are a bulgarian tracker which provides tracking services for torrents. Most of the torrents are of movies and tv shows. They do provide other torrents like games and software but they are of low priority. They require a healthy seed ratio otherwise you speeds are throttled or you ip will be penalized for hit and run behavior. All registrations on the site are invite only although on rare occasions they open registrations for public. they have around 700000 torrents indexed. They are featured as one of the most popular torrent sites of the year 2015  by TorrentFreak. The have plugin for utorrent and firefox using opensearch to allow searching for torrents from the browser. They have very strict rules of uploading an seeding violating them may incur instant bans. The site is current blocked in UK and recently they moved the domain name from .com to .to. They provide a very simple search with filter on categories Proxy, unblock

Proxy 1 Proxy 2 Proxy 3 Proxy 4 Proxy 5 Proxy 6 Proxy 7 Proxy 8 Proxy 9 is one of the best video streaming sites available right now. It has around 65000 movie streaming links and 9000 tv series. making it one of the largest linkopedia in the wild. All movies are categorized according to ratings and categories from imdb with thumbnails and reviews. One can filter items by genre and sort them by rating and reviews, popularity and release date. Users can request for new movies to be added. They a current backlog of around 8000 items to be fulfilled. Registered users can rate can comment on movies. They can even create playlists of movies or collections of movies they like. They also have a active forum with half a million posts. Users can earn points by performing certain actions on the site like, referring friends, commenting, reporting broken links and adding links. This site is blocked in UK owing to court orders.

Torrent Crazy proxy, unblock

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Torrent crazy is a simple torrent search engine with torrents in five main categories. Users can simply search using the search box in top right corner. Most of the torrents have a good description and a link to imdb with plentiful screenshots, showing the quality of torrents. Any one can post comments in the comments section of each torrent. There is not verified torrents section though!!!. It is just a list of torrents without any ad clutter 😀 This site has been banned in UK in October 2013 owing to court orders.