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The site

Afdah is a site that merely provides indexing of movies all over the internet. This is done by their web scraper known as Afdah, which is used to scrape the internet for all the recent updates to every single movie as soon as it comes out. Here’s why Afdah is one of the most recommended sites for movie watching.


The home page warmly welcomes every kind of user regardless of the experience due to its easy use and user-friendly built. The user can freely choose from specific genres of movies while also search for movies alphabetically. What makes this more attractive is that when the user clicks into a movie, they are redirected to the movie page that provides a lot of information about the movie, including the movie’s description as well as a commentary by the staff. These commentaries greatly help reduce time looking for good movies because they let the user know if a link works as well as inform the user in which server provided will they have the best quality for the movie, or warn them that the movie doesn’t have a good quality rip out yet. Afdah provides what most movie sites don’t: very efficient movie searches as well as an automatic update of any movie that exists in the web through the scraper code. Usual features are also existing, such as most recent movies, categories by featured or HD movies, as well as there’s a new TV Show menu that is still in beta testing but is sure to become a popular side of the site.

Design and Suggestions

The design fits the site’s goals perfectly which are to simply provide movies. The action movie background as well as the design of thumbnails and the theme color all suggest a certain appeal that makes the user think of movies. I would not suggest but rather encourage the staff to keep up the good work.