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The Site

Before I start the review I have to say that I am biased towards this site. I have used it multiple times to watch my favorite TV shows. The website has never disappointed me and always has been able to serve some content relating to my favorite shows. Watch series is a search engine for TV shows that contains links for different hosting sites that contain the streaming of the particular show or episode that you are searching for. Watchseries has some of the most updated links on any website on the internet.


The website has a very good and simple design, upon first visit the users are greeted with a homepage that contains the most watched series and shows based on their categories. Users would be able to find the most watched shows in their particular category to get suggestions about the shows that might interest them. The website has categorized all the past and present episodes of the series in a single page that makes it very easy to navigate to the episode that you want to watch. The website also contains multiple tabs that can help the users to sort the shows that are available on the website either based on the genre, popularity or the newest. All of these features combine to make searching for the shows very easy and convenient for the users. The search engine of the website is very accurate and returned the most relevant results for almost all of my searches. The only problem that I faced was the need to go through multiple pages in order to finally get to the show. Some of the older links are also not updated and do contain unplayable files or non-working links, but that problematic portion is very small.

Design and Suggestions

Overall a good website to watch different old and new shows. The simplistic and categorized design of the website makes it very easy to search for different shows. With a very simple design, the purpose of the site focuses on providing quality shows and they indeed deliver. The user can furthermore categorize newest or popular episodes as well as the famous feature TV Schedule to see the upcoming releases.