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While their goal is to “bring entertainment closer to fans”, Cucirca tends to deliver completely and effectively. The website has been around for ages and is one of the popular sites that streams TV shows day and night. It is also a fully updated site with almost every TV show out there, so TV show fans will definitely be spending most of their time there.
Functionality wise, Cucirca is one of the most efficiently working sites I have come across. It makes it super easy for any user, with or without English knowledge, to find any show they want. The home page conveniently provides all the TV shows possible, ordered by name. If you scroll down, there is yet another helpful section that lists Top TV Shows as well as Latest shows and episodes. The most remarkable feature I have seen nowhere else except in Cucirca is the Watchlist feature. The user doesn’t need to login to use the watchlist feature because, like for all internet users, cookies will remember everything you do. In some way, that is a genius method of providing a watchlist what saving a lot of HTML and PHP code to add user databases. Last but not least, the search button is automatically filled upon searching shows, which is very useful in getting to your show fast.
Design & Suggestions
The site is designed to specifically provide simplistic features while reducing the workload. This makes visiting the site much faster and finding shows even more so. One of the key suggestions would be to move the section of latest shows a bit more up so the user sees it first. Also, the watchlist would be more helpful if it recommended similar shows, as well as allowed you to watch list a whole show or season instead of single episodes. Overall this is an amazing website.