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The Site

Moviesz is a very cool file sharing site that includes the streaming of movies, TV shows, music, and provides downloading options as well. The site is visited by thousands of users daily while the functionality of the site goes hand in hand with the nice design template.


The site provides access to its files like no other site out there, beginning with the scrolling thumbnail of movies at the top that shows movies uploaded today. The categories at the top are an ordinary part of any site and in here they provide a similar function with the addition of access to music as well as TV Series. Each thumbnail on the page is provided an HD resolution poster as well as a hovering option that informs the user of the movie’s genre, release date, description, quality and number of views. This extremely neat feature is also used when finding shows or music, while upon clicking any file you will be redirected to that files page with even more information and even a trailer. The streaming option is straightforward and does not require site jumping, while the page also provides a torrent download and a direct download through several servers. Everything the user needs to know about what they’re getting is found placed together in one single page, which makes this site one of the best in functionality. What’s even better is the fact that I’ve often wondered if there will be a site that streams with subtitles, and I was amazed seeing that the site provides exactly that. Every upload and every stream also includes English subtitles. In short this site should be the one and only you ever need to visit for streaming movies.

Design and Suggestions

The design is equally useful in providing the least amount of cluttered text while maintaining a very appealing design. Everything is placed together nicely and every piece of text is useful and clickable to provide a better streaming experience. This is one of the most recommended sites in my opinion for streaming.