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Yet another site offering free movie streaming is TubePlus. As there are hundreds of movie streaming sites out there it is still hard to find a decent one that will provide everything you are looking for. TubePlus is one of those sites that you will always appreciate because it’s full of new content and updates regularly.

As we become fast-paced users of the internet, our preferences for efficient sites grow each day. Such a preference is the example of being able to use the least clicks and buttons to get to where we want. In this case, upon visiting TubePlus I observed the neat-looking search bar that you can use to further browse by genre, year, and even ranking and alphabetical order. The bar even has an option to search for movies or TV-shows which makes it a very attractive feature from the perspective of functionality. The categories are well ordered and the main page is divided into popular adult documentaries and the most popular TV episodes, which makes the site even more attractive and full of legit content such as the documentaries mentioned before which I have rarely seen on any other site. On the far right there is a featured box showing the ultimate popular show or movie while also providing 100% correct content regarding the show or movie in mention. The Last Aired category on the far bottom is extremely useful if you want to quickly know about the latest releases of movies and shows without the worry of missing out on one.
Design & Suggestions

The design is both attractive and simplistic and all articles are available with their most recent and updated descriptions as well as pictures and labels that make the user want to stay on the site and explore it further. There are almost no suggestions but since the site is very professional in display and functionality I would suggest one small thing towards making it even better: The two main categories could be interchangeable with other categories at random times or specific intervals for an even more useful view.