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Deník proxy, unblock access

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Denik is a regional news paper and online magazine in Czech republic. It is fully owned subsidiary of German publishing company Verlagsgruppe Passau (VGP). It also provides android app and e news paper. All regional news papers are rebranded according to region with region as prefix to denik. It is the second most popular new paper and covers almost all daily life activities and has a popular classifieds section.


Berish Proxy, unblock

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Berish is a coalition of NGOs for clean and fair elections in Malaysia. Its website has been blocked in Malaysia in august 2015 following the rally and unrest demanding resignation of the presiding prime minister. Even though apolitical, its has support of major opposition parties in Malaysia. It has also conducted rallies in 2007, 2011 and 2012 for different political issues. As stated on their website, they strive to be non partisan. Many malaysians have been visiting this site thru proxy, due to current blockades, under the premise that it is spreading unrest, But the actual blockade is nothing but pure form of censorship. We have provided the following proxies for people to break censorship and connect to each other.

Pornhub proxy, unblock access

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Pornhub is a Porn2.0 website part of the pornhub network which includes several popular porn sites like tube8, youporn and redtube. The major usp of the site is user uploaded porn videos. Like many porn sites they have a huge collection of port videos. recently they launched a premium port service which removes ads and lets you download hd porn directly to you devices. All videos are categorized into several relevant categories and it has a total of 50 categories and 100000 hd videos. They have been features in press many times and have been controversial for their ads and malware installed thru ads. Due to its licentious nature the site has been blocked in UK, Russia and EU. They also participate in occasional charitable activities which sets them apart from normal port sites. They even invented a gadget which recharges when you masturebate :P. They allow public registration through which users can post videos and get paid for their amateur footage. The site is currently available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian and  Japanese languages.

Update: The proxies are working again

Weblagu proxy, unblock access

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The Site

With the increasing popularity for not only torrenting sites but also music-sharing sites, Weblagu leaves its mark as one of the most updated databases out there that both brings users to a quick download as well as user-friendly time visiting the site.


With a very simple built, the site has a lot more to offer than an OKAY first impression. First off, the popular chart list is helpful for any music addict who prefers listening and trying out new songs, and Weblagu provides those in a matter of days, or less, hours. The recent searches part, although hard to notice, informs users of current and recent downloads and searches, which can be very helpful to understand the targeted audience and the region of visitors that prefer this site. The popularity of the site increases daily through their Facebook page that has almost 900,000 likes, suggesting a much bigger visitor queue. Searching for songs is made extremely easy by Weblagu as there are word fillers to help users find content, and even if searches are vague, the results are brought up quickly and nicely so that anyone can look through. With numerous music-sharing sites out there, one can always find a negative side like ads or redirecting pages and surveys, but Weblagu offers direct downloads through a very responsive and fast server.

Final Notes

As activities of governments to block file-sharing sites continue, Weblagu seems little affected by this but nonetheless one should tread carefully into sites that look compromising, though needless to say Weblagu is far from a site that looks compromising.