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The .com domain of MusicAddict gives the site a lot of legitimacy, as well as the name that suggests the site is right for any music lover. The database is rich in providing a large amount of tracks for download while the user base frequency exceeds hundreds of thousands monthly. As a free music provider, MusicAddict is able to do its job very efficiently while providing all the music free of charge.
Having a very user-friendly organization, the site allows for very quick searches for tracks through the search bar placed conveniently at the top of the page. The simplistic view of the site also allows for an attractive and appealing look while any visitor, including a first time user will find it extremely easy to search for music. The Top Music Charts bar on the right helps the user learn of the recent and most popular tracks that come out daily, which greatly reduces the effort spent by fans of these popular genres. Going further down, the site provides two additional categories: Recent and Popular mp3 downloads. The first revealing tracks that were recently uploaded while the second showing popular downloads based on user count. Similarly to the Top Charts, popular mp3 also shows some of the tracks but is rather based on the current download number rather than the popular viewing of songs in the social life. Each link further provides a small download button to the side, however, both clicking the song name and the download button still takes the user to the same page that provides the actual download link. In some tracks, links are provided to external mp3 sites while some tracks also allow for direct download upon clicking. This perhaps makes it less efficient in finding music, in the case where some tracks lead to a completely different site. Overall, the site is very safe and legitimate and like always, strives to provide top downloads of tracks.
Design and Suggestions
The design is ultimately easy to understand as well as very user-friendly in providing functionality. The theme is very easy on the eyes while a first-time user will surely be hooked by the quality of the mp3 tracks that the site provides. I would highly suggest that the site be able to provide direct download links in every track, however it is understood that most music sharing sites only provide gateways to actual downloads, making music easier to be found and downloaded.