Exhentai.org Proxy and Sad Panda Bypass

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Exhentai.org is a mirror of g.e-hentai.org except that it has all banned and deleted galleries with less ads. It is only accessible to the forum members of e-hentai.org. Any anonymous user who visit the website is shown a sad panda and shows nothing, which is sad. So we have created proxies that bypass these blocks and gives you direct access to exhentai.org. Currently there are around 200K galleries in exhentai in 8 categories.

Update 01/01/2014: We found that these proxies are not working

Update 06/01/2014: We found that these proxies are working properly now and you are able to access exhentai.org

Update 20th Jan 2015: All proxies are working with this site

Update 3rd March 2015: All issues with the proxies are resolved now

38 thoughts on “Exhentai.org Proxy and Sad Panda Bypass

  1. Qweadsf

    Well I’ve been a member of the site for awhile since I have a lvl 4 character on their silly little site game that gives me cookies to access the site.
    Recently i’ve gotten an IP ban for some reason, but I can use an Onion browser to keep changing my IP address if necessary, they don’t actually ban the account I use to get the cookies required to access the site.

    So yeah, just access the site using the Deep Web if you have problems with IP.

  2. Qweadsf

    I got an IP ban, but I still have the e-hentai account that has cookies to give me access.
    So I just use the TOR browser to keep changing my IP address to get onto the site.

  3. Anonymous

    Stopped working after your yesterday update.

    I almost always get “We encountered and error. Please click here to go back. “

  4. huh

    i tried the first link and now i’m officially banned for 6 days and 23 hours. why didn’t i read the comments first? why must i suffer so much just to access infinite supplies of yuri hentai?
    why is the world so cruel to me? why?

  5. Anonymous

    the thumbnail views doesn’t work shows the panda ;_; its making meh saddd ;_;

  6. Maximum_Joe

    Please do not use any methods of getting into the site without an account. These are almost always abused by botters and other troublemakers. Remember that signing up for an account is completely free. Thanks!

  7. Orrr17

    Somebody know what happened to exhentai.org site? I always get This webpage is not available in chrome since some days ago. And in firefox is the same…

  8. ZB

    The main issue here is that Joe is a major uploader to both g.e and exhentai. Joe, I appreciate you wanting your gallery views to be legit but I have little time and patience for whatever game and cookie stuff that you have to do on the e-hentai forums to get on the website. I just want to look at the smut. I get where you’re coming from, and would just pay for it if I was able to but honestly if the process to reach the site is to jump through hoops for weeks at a time then I will use proxies to view the content I desire regardless of if you post it or not.

  9. anon

    It works, but i’ve found that some links redirect to a message in Arabic saying the site is blocked in the UAE, so you might want to change the Proxy location.

  10. Bungie Bombz

    The web page keep asking me to go premium or redirect me to the hosting site. Is it intended? If it is, what should I do to bypass it? Sorry I’m a newbie. Please help. Thank you in advance.

  11. Anon#405832

    All 5 links load for a while into “504 Gateway Time-out” for over a week now (it was working fine before that). 🙁 Please take a look thx!

  12. Anonymus

    Everything is down. All of it times out. It’s gone for months without a word of an update.

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