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The site

Another one of the WatchSeries websites, provides an innovative way of finding TV Show content that goes beyond the simple search bar. With many sites of similar base name, they aim to catalogue each every single show that has existed since the dawn of time, and it is rumored that when a WatchSeries site goes down, two rise from its ashes.


A very innovative redesign of the functionality otherwise provided in only a few of the TV Show file sharing sites. The users of WatchSeries will have a lot more time on their hands with the newest features of categorizing by newest episodes added, the week’s popular episodes, and a very useful category that is TV Schedule. The ‘Newest episodes added’ simply provides the latest uploads of episodes or even premiere shows coming out no later than the day before. The week’s popular episodes are based on user ratings and popularity of downloads while the one-of-a-kind TV Schedule is a unique feature that not many websites possess. Similar to IMDb, the site offers the scheduling of shows to be released each day, and the user can specify which day they want to look into. It’s a rule of thumb when looking at the schedule that every episode comes out less than one day from the actual show’s schedule. Also searching for different shows brings clear and concise results while each show is compiled into its own icon instead of showing scattered episodes. Furthermore, registered users can track shows making it easier to binge watch any show you like.

Design and Suggestions

The design is of similar theme to all WatchSeries sites and at this point there’s no need to even mention the design as each of these sites are veterans of the file sharing business in such a way that you may overlook any design flaws. Needless to say, the design is still very efficient as well as has changed over the years to better suit user needs. I would suggest that the homepage TV Shows have their individual box increased to better reveal the show descriptions or make a mouse hovering design specifically for that.