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Free-Tv-Video-Online, formerly known as the popular ProjectFreeTv is a revolutionary site in the streaming of TV Shows. It has been around for a long time and although it has been put down many times by copyright authorities, it still continues to provide its users with the newest TV Shows at the best possible quality.


The site immediately begins with showing popular shows that are also recently updated by the episode, as well as popular TV Shows as a whole. The effective search bar lets you autofill your search for easier finding of TV Shows, while the site also provides a page for movies. The movies page is sadly not as updated as the TV Shows page and it often lacks recent movies. The site has one of the best viewable search results through the scrolling style where the user can just scroll down for any result. The categories also take you to different seasons of a show as well as provide information about the links. To be totally honest, ProjectFreeTV used to be at the peak of its game before it started being harassed for copyright laws. Nowadays, there are many sites that provide the same functionality, and perhaps even better streaming.

Design & Suggestions

The design is as it should be for a streaming site, it is simple and efficient in letting the user work around the site. There are no side banners or extra information to confuse first-time users but as a precaution every user should use AdBlock no matter what site they visit. The only suggestion would be to update streaming links of some TV Shows as they at times tend to not work properly. The movies database should also be better maintained and updated as well.