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The Site
Icefilms is a video streaming site that contains different TV shows, movies, and other video based contents. The website contains an extensive amount of old and new TV shows with a large selection of Movies. Most of the TV shows and Movies are available in HD quality at the website. Aside from the content the website has a very dark and dreary theme that compromises the user’s experience and creates confusion. In terms of content, the website has a lot of TV shows and movies but it does not contain all the latest shows that the users may be after.
Perhaps the weakest aspect of this website is how it looks. With a dark background and blue font on top of that it can be very difficult to read and navigate through the website. The website does contain categories for different content and also gives the users a list of popular shows and movies but does not contain posters for movies or shows upon initial search and the users have to open the links in order to see the details of the show. While searching for different movies the website only lists the most popular movies based on the hints and does not categorize them based on the genre or year of release. All of these weaknesses contribute an average experience that otherwise could have been great. In terms of content, Icefilms has a very large collection of old shows and movies but it fails to deliver most of the modern TV shows and movies. Overall, having to click through links as well as having to download codecs greatly compromise a users’ security as well as makes the doubtful of the sites intentions.
Design and Suggestions
The site navigation is difficult due to the weak design and on top of that users also need to install a codec in order to properly view the site and enjoy all its functionalities that are very few to begin with. When trying to watch a movies or TV shows the users have to go through multiple links in order to finally reach the video stream. The streaming quality is also a bit slow that further hampers the experience. Overall the website fails to live up to the expectation and delivers a very mediocre and sometimes confusing experience. I would suggest a complete redesign of the website, but first make the content easily viewable and downloadable.