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One of the most fascinating facts about the German population is that they love to dub any movie to their own language, including even in their most famous cinemas. As a site that provides every single movie dubbed in the German language, it is by far one of the best sites out there for this specific purpose. Movie buffs who do not understand German, stop reading right now. The rest of you follow me.
In a short sentence, Kinox.To provides everything a user needs in order to watch movies in the German language. From the home page to the last page, the site provides numerous instructions on how to download movies, explains their policies, and provides further items that will please even the most uninstructed user that is using a file sharing site for the first time. Features of the site worth noting are the tools and the playlists categories. The Tools category immediately provides the user with any movie-related inquiry application-wise, starting with adobe flash and ending with various movie players; this greatly reduces any bothersome feelings for those who are not quite sure how to start their file sharing experience. The Playlist category is a similar category as seen in IMDb where a user or staff creates a watch list of movies based on a theme or title, but this feature offers a lot more: It offers a more specific list of movies, ordered from first to last, while offering to stream them completely for free and in a sequential order. In short, for those who enjoy movies while hate wasting their time, this feature allows you to choose any genre or theme while all you have to do is grab the popcorn. A helpful feature is also the Genre List that obviously allows the selection of movies for easier finding based on your genre liking, as well as the selection based on newest, most popular, or the kind of show and movie to choose from. With this site, I can safely say that any German-speaking movie buff is lucky to stumble across it while making it difficult for them to ever quit.
Design and Suggestions
The thing that applauds the site the most is the fact that the top right corner offers 4 different color themes to view the site from, making it an interesting feature in the place of where a possible language selection category could have been. Overall the design is fairly good and everything is functional to the dot, leaving me with a good impression of the German techniques of file sharing sites. I would recommend a similar website to provide movies at their original language as it would become a very popular site indeed.