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Ebookee is one of the richest databases of free ebooks that allows you to download directly. As all ebook sites it is under violation of copyright laws which is why some popular ebook sites receive bad reviews. In essence, what makes many ebook sites different is only the content found in them as some ebooks are better updated than others.
The site numerous categories that you can choose from right at the home screen.  The home screen also shows popular tags for faster browsing, as well as the top downloaded eBooks, recently viewed ones, latest added, as well as user information in regard of who uploads them most. In some cases, uploaders will attach viruses to downloads, while other times they redirect the download to software that installs malicious malware. Overall, the functionality is very good for such a site and the work of uploaders who take their time to help out is appreciated.
Design and Suggestions
The design is rather basic while it still looks attractive for a sharing site. Everything is laid out in a nice way and the coding is pretty solid. A small suggestion would be to add images to books without having to click the link as this would greatly reduce efforts in looking for the right book. In conclusion, this site is very functional and efficient in delivering ebooks and I would recommend it.