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This is a major non-torrenting site with one of the largest databases. The rumor is that if there’s something you cannot find in a torrent site or any other site, this one is most likely to have it. The site is updated daily and in such large quantities that it takes a while to see yesterday’s files. There are thousands of files that you will never find anywhere else and the site is overall suited for an older audience that appreciate older files. It has a range of files from old international movies to old downloadable newspapers.
Needless to say that the functionality is something you cannot begin to understand for this site. It’s true that it does not have the recent movies, music, etc. But it is purposely suited for audiences with different tastes. The home page has a search bar that helps you find what you are looking for, as well as advanced searching after the first search. You can choose to categorize any movie search further by its genre, and the same goes for music and such. Users can also register and upload files while the staff of the site takes bad uploads more serious than you would expect. There is also a support system for users who promise to get back to you within 2-3 days. A suggestion before visiting the site: Make sure to have AdBlock, and if you are used to anonymous surfing, you may use a VPN or Proxy to evade log files.
Design and Suggestions
There is nothing to say really about the design as a web-site like this is praised by the older audiences for its usefulness. If you are over old enough to enjoy the things you grew up with, this is your go-to site. Surprisingly, I have no suggestions for this site. This site has been blocked in UK recently