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As far as tech. websites go, this is a pretty large provider of any kind of application regarding audio and video technology, even to the extent of multimedia and visual communication tools. As one of the few sites that I have stumbled upon with such themes, it seems to provide direct links to each file exclusively through the NitroFlare uploading site.
The extensive range of categories to choose from on the left as well as the number of uploads for each category make it easier to understand what one is looking for. At times things may get confusing as categories do not contain subcategories so they might involve one or more specific theme but that can always be helped through the search bar on the top right. The scrolling view of recent uploads in the middle includes a large thumbnail picture of what the file offers, and in cases of pictures, portfolios, and icons also what the file looks like. Just below the thumbnail is a short tag description of the file which helps narrow down your searches for future use, as well as the one and only download link that takes you directly to NitroFlare. Another side box on the right is ‘Preview Community’ which is useful for users who take their time to get familiar with the site, or those who plan on becoming recurrent visitors. However, the one thing I observed is that this site seems somehow directly in business with NitroFlare, as long as they are not offering free downloads. Each download link gives you the same answer: You must be a Premium user of NitroFlare, while on the main page there’s one recurring ad that offers 14 days of NitroFlare for only $7. All in all it’s up to the user, but then again it doesn’t seem like a bad deal for visitor who will find everything they need in here.
Design & Suggestions
A simplistic design always looks more attractive when visiting these kinds of websites. At some point it becomes tiring to have to scroll more and more as you search for an item that takes a few pages to find. In that case it wouldn’t hurt to either add a View More button for each article, or redesign the scrolling view to fit two articles at once. That way no one needs to get tired of looking for their software, and first-time users won’t get discouraged either.