Viperial proxy, unblock access

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Domain: (formerly,
Registration: Ivan Ivanov, Moscow, Russia
Hosting Provider:  Delta Softmedia Ltd (Bulgaria)
Registrar:  eNom, Inc.
Revenue Sources:  Advertising, malware install programs, revenue sharing with redirects to third party sites.

Viperial operates from the same IP address as audiocastle (above) and a new service that came on line in April of 2015.  All three sites operate in much the same manner.  Their lists of albums and tracks available for streaming and download are almost identical and they all store the files on—frequently linking to the exact same URLs.  The music it offers includes not only recently released and popular music but also albums not yet commercially released.  As in the case of Audiocastle, viperial professes to honor copyright owners’ requests to remove material, but these requests have no practical effect as the content is constantly reposted.  The RIAA has sent nearly 160,000 URLs for removal to viperial, and the Google Transparency Report documents the removal of over 270,000 viperial search results from their index.  The movement from a .com to a .co to the current .me domains appear calculated to frustrate the demotion effect resulting from the reporting of URLs on viperial to Google.  Finally, like audiocastle, files available through viperial were made available through until that site was seized by the Justice Department, and all file were moved to

Viperial has a global Alexa ranking of 27,685.   SimilarWeb traffic data show that the site is averaging 4.7 million visits a month with 60% of that traffic coming from the United States.