Freshwap Proxy, Unblock access

US Proxy 1 UK Proxy 2 Europe Proxy 3 Aus Proxy 4 Indian Proxy 5 Malaysia Proxy 6  Proxy 7  Proxy 8  Proxy 9 is a site that provides a lot of applications, movies, games, music, and a lot of other items for free. It looks okay in its design and it seems to cover a lot of grounds regarding content-rich downloads. Overall the site also looks highly updated with every kind of genre of downloads it offers. As a direct downloading site it is very powerful.
The main menu provides all categories to choose from as well as subcategories that activate through mouse hovering. This is a very powerful feature that gives the site an appealing look as well as enables the user to search easily for their content. Just below the categories bar are recent posts and uploads, including the side categories to the right that give useful information to returning user of the site. The categories allow for further analysis of recent uploads and in the case of the returning user, they allow observing of net material that a user might be expecting. The large thumbnails of each content provide a lot of information regarding the quality of the content, including the bar below the picture that shows used tags with which the user can further search or make distinctions between liked and disliked properties of an upload. Direct download links are provided immediately as well as partial downloads for non-premium users.
Design & Suggestions
I appreciate the simplistic design, and yet it is complex in itself. The scalability of the site in terms of different screens tells me that the staff is devoted to making the site look as legit as it is. Upon reducing the screen size, the search bar magically reappears in the middle instead of how it is on the side at wide-screen view. Although that is a very attractive feature, I would still suggest to keep the search bar a little bigger in wide-view as it would be easily noticed. Overall I have no other suggestions and the site is very well maintained by the staff, which shows a certain devotion to making the visitors feel safer with their downloads.