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The Site

Theparadox.com is a forum where users from around the world can ask questions, share the latest news and events in their proximity and acquire assistance from a large community of bloggers and internet users that have a vast experience at their disposal. The website consolidates the intellect of all its users to create a large directory of information about everything and anything that the users may wish to talk or comment about within the sphere of the rules of the forum. Theparadox.com is nicely regulated and maintained by staff that do not tolerate obscenities or rude gestures.


Theparadox.com is a well maintained site that is evident from the range of topics and users that a visitor can find on the website. The website has a category system that makes it easier for the users to find their topic of interest but the search capability of the website is a bit limited, where users have to follow a lot of links before they can land at their desired page or topic. Content and topic wise I was able to find an extensive collection of topics almost in every category, the users on the website also share external links that can be used to download different software, books and music related content, but from the initial experience I was able to understand that the website has a great potential to continue to evolve and grow with time.

All forum-based sites rely heavily on their users to make the page interesting and capture the attention of the users from all over the world. The users are required to register on the website to utilize its full capabilities. The only thing limiting Theparadox.com from reaching its ultimate potential is the number of users, the site has not been able to become mainstream but has been attracting a steady stream of new users that keep the pages and conversation interesting.

Design and Suggestions

Theparadox.com employs a black and white theme that improves the readability of the content available on the site. Overall the website has a nice and refreshing feel to it, where users can share their thoughts and learn a lot about different things that they are interested. The forum is properly maintained and has little questionable material. Design wise the moderators need to take some measures to make it more appealing either by using a better theme or at least employing the whole screen.