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Known to be one of the largest music sharing sites, MyFreeMP3 has little to no competition in the way that it provides music for its dedicated users. Beginning with the easy methods of finding music and up to selecting your music by the genre, the site has a huge database of tracks while even smaller sites will at times redirect you to this giant site to download your music.
Similar to the look of a search engine, the site provides very easy searching for tracks artists, while it further allows to categorize between Artists, Charts, and Genres. The Artists category takes you to the large database of artists and bands available in an alphabetical selection, the genres page allows to easily classify music for any distinguishable user, while the charts page is currently unavailable. Having a Genres category ultimately increases efficiency in finding new music, especially for users who base their music findings on the genre they prefer, allowing them to even play the track before downloading it simply through the click of a button. The play bar automatically comes to life at the top of the site, allowing to switch tracks, change volume, and even skip to parts of the track, which makes it very easy to discover music. Each search result further displays the tracks in a very simple manner through a single long bar that also provides information like the bitrate and the song size, as well as the download button without the need to actually click on the resulting name. Each artist or band result also provides biographic information regarding the said artist or band, making this site even more beautiful and easy to get used to.
Design and Suggestions
One of the most appealing designs out there is the one of MyFreeMP3, starting with the calm looking theme that only works to suit the visitors’ needs. It is one of the few sites I have come across that is equipped with such a degree of functionality and design, not to mention the useful play bar for each single song that the user might want to try out. I would only suggest to fix the charts page and give it good functionality by providing charts for different genres and world regions.