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Bajui is part of, which operates unlicensed services including music, movies, series and pornography. The site has been popular for the last 6 years and pre-release music can be downloaded directly from the site. There are currently over 37,745 music titles on the site. The site is supported by revenue generated by advertising on the site. According to Alexa, this website has a global ranking of 22,626 and ranks 550 in Spain (65.7% of the visitors to the site are from Spain). The site receives in excess of 54,000 unique users per day (over 120,000 page views).

There are typically many links to cyberlockers from where the most popular albums and tracks can be downloaded. It is also appears that 6 to 7 users are uploading most of the links. The site appears to monitor the status of links, as once links are removed from cyberlockers they are replaced with new ones, ensuring the material is always available to download.

The album art is also available on the site. This site is clearly designed and operated to maximize its role as a distributor of infringing content, and is actively engaged in ensuring that content remains available. While there are mechanisms for securing takedowns of specific links, that is an inadequate and ineffective “remedy” for a site that is engaged in wilful distribution of known infringing materials.

The Law on Sustainable Economy (“Sinde Law”) came into effect in Spain on 1 March 2012. The Sinde law provides for an expedited procedure for the removal of illegal content from websites or for blocking access to illegal services. The Spanish music industry (Promusicae) submitted a complaint to the Intellectual Property Commission (“IPC”) regarding this site but the case was closed last year as the specific links included in the complaint had been removed from the site.