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Domain:, (formerly,,
Registration: Robert Cheshir, IsraBox LTD, Stockholm, Sweden
Hosting Provider: Portlane Ab (Sweden)
Registrars:; Regtime ltd; Go Canada Domains LLC
Revenue Sources:  Advertising, malware install programs, revenue sharing with redirects to third party sites.

Israbox provides users with download access to a broad range of commercially available music. The homepage lists the Top Albums and also notes “you can download free music albums. We present new items of music and the hot hits for information.”  On the homepage, the user is presented with details regarding various albums including artist name, album title, year of release, record label, genre, and quality of the download, total time and total size of the file. The site organizes content behind menu tabs for Rock, Pop, Folk, Country, Soul and other genres making it easy for users to browse through offerings.  The site also provides search capability to to take users to specific artists or titles.  The files themselves are stored on various cyberlocker sites and upon chosing material to download, the user is redirected to the download page of a locker site.

Israbox has a current global Alexa ranking of 7,825.  SimilarWeb traffic data shows the site averaging 5.6 million visits a month.