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Registration: Domains By Proxy (US)
Operator: Nguyen Bui, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Hosting Provider:  M247 Ltd, (Romania)
Registrar:, LLC
Revenue Sources:  Advertising, malware install programs, and revenue sharing with popunder redirects to third party sites.

Itemvn is an unlicensed music service that makes an enormous catalogue of popular music available for free streaming and download.   The site is entirely in English and there are thousands of albums and tens of thousands of individual tracks available to users.  In addition to a general search capability, the site neatly organizes albums under categories like “Most Popular,” “Hot Artists,” “Billboard Hot 100.”  The albums and singles are presented along with other materials like the official album art and song lyrics. Unlike many other download sites of this nature, itemvn hosts the content itself.  While the site purports to allow users to upload content, the most popular files are tagged as uploaded by itemvn itself.  Itemvn has a global Alexa ranking of 30,057.  SimilarWeb traffic data show the sites averages 5.4 million visits a month with 40% of that traffic coming from the United States. The site does not provide any data on how many downloads are taking place, but it does provide streaming counts.  One popular track is shown as having been streamed more than 700,000 times