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When talking about Bookfi, the best way is to compare it to a colossal library that takes ages to find the books you are looking for. Now the same concept applies here, with one big difference: It takes a few seconds to find as well as download books. Being one of the largest databases of eBook and PDF downloads; this site redefines free access to information.
So the top three little tags you’ll notice are the ‘number of books’, ‘direct links’, and ‘for free’, and let me tell you right now that this site truly delivers. Their database is filled with over 2 million books and while that may seem somehow an okay number when talking about books, the access the user has to these books is completely 100% legitimate. Any user, first time or recurring, will notice the beautifully laid out search bar in the middle of the page that you can use to get to any results. What makes it even more efficient is the Exact Matches searching options that doesn’t look like much but it is actually a life saver. Think of how many books are titles similarly and how a search query will bring up every related result; well, exact matches are for users who more or less know what they are looking for, and even if they don’t know the exact name of the book, they will still know a partial exact word. Upon clicking any search results, you are taken to a friendly-looking information box that provides the title, authors, as well as a short summary of what the book is about. Below that you have three options: Download, Donate, and Read. Amazingly, clicking the Download button DOES NOT REDIRECT you to another site where you click free user, or put a verification code, NOPE. Clicking Download immediately starts your direct download without any additional hanger. Furthermore, clicking Read takes you to a large thumbnail view of each page where you can literally read the book online and then just simply turn the page. This site is amazing.
Design & Suggestions
The design is simply a jaw-dropper. The site delivers what it is intended to, and in a very short time. The search bar is just very attractively put there and it is the only necessary tool you will need, however, if you wish to know more about the books you can always click the Categories or Top books link at the top right. My suggestion is that anyone who can donate to this wonderful site so that their database grows faster and they continue to provide the best eBooks around.