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FreeBookSpot is a fairly okay site that provides a lot of choices in eBook and PDF downloads. Unlike other sites of the same genre, it does update books that you might deem rarely used which gives it a larger database. Overall it is well updated although some must-have books are harder to find, or not found at all.


I find that providing a lot of ways to search one item is at times very bothering and inefficient. It just takes time especially when the result doesn’t come right away. Functionality-wise the site is not unique in any perspective as well as doesn’t aim to make your visit efficient by providing faster links, instead, it redirects you to the page where you have to click the link, wait a few seconds, click to skip the ad, and then wait half a minute for a download that might not work due to exceeded downloads by users. I think that sites supported by ads are going to go one or two ways: First being that you waste a lot of time and the second being that someone somewhere will get malware on their system through these ads. When coming upon the search results, I find 5 books per page extremely annoying as I have to keep clicking over and over to the next page to find out that the book I am looking for might not be there. The site does provide compact and text view modes for easier viewing, however that does not make it any better when every download redirects you at least 2 times, and furthermore it quickly brings up a pop-up where the main page used to be. Overall it is a very inefficient website in what it provides.

Design and Suggestions

I very much dislike designs that make me feel like I am going to be asked to make a payment in the coming minutes, as well as the fact that the whole page looks like it is showing you an ad that you have to skip. I would highly suggest just keep it simpler, as well as provide books in easier ways so that we don’t get tired of skipping ads.