New Album Releases proxy, unblock

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New album releases is a release log / blog style release indexer. They post links to download albums from various file hosts like and oron. Total they have around 70000 albums lists and all albums are categorized according to artist and type. They are blocked in UK owing to court order. The search box on the top right corner provides a way to sift through all albums on the website. Newalbumreleases makes available a substantial library of newly-released popular music content, as well as albums not yet commercially released.  The site features the most recently uploaded albums on the home page using album artwork.  In addition it organizes earlier posts by genre under menu tabs for Rock, Pop, Metal, etc.  The home page also offers a search capability for content by artist or title.  The site hosts its content on cyberlockers and provides users with links to services like and from where the files are available for download.  All of the files appear to have been uploaded to the cyberlocker sites by Newalbumreleases as the download files usually include “newalbumreleases” in the file name.  As the uploaders they are direct infringers and takedown notices to the site are ineffective.

The site has a global Alexa ranking of 7,517.  SimilarWeb traffic data shows the site averages 5.6 million visits a month.

This site has been blocked in the U.K. by court order.1