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Upon visiting the site of, the first impression it leaves me is that the logo looks pretty decent, the name actually stands for ‘verified torrents’ which is pretty meaningful. Then naturally, the next thing that catches my eye are the first displayed torrents of 2014, which to my expectations, it should be the recent torrents of 2015. Ironically enough, the torrents of 2014 actually ARE the recent torrents.
Like any torrent site, design is not necessarily a must-have, as long as the site supports good ‘verified torrents’, However, it really hurts my eye seeing that every torrent name is underlined as it makes me feel like it’s an important torrent, but they can’t all be possibly important. Can they? 
Overall, like I said, the design is okay for a torrent site so no harm there but I would still add perhaps a box of ‘recent torrents’, or just give less space to the main box of torrent lists as it is taking all the space away no matter how wide my screen is.
Again, with emphasis on the word ‘ironic’, the small buttons next to the torrent names are supposed to give extra torrent information like if it’s verified or who uploaded it, but funnily enough all torrents seem to have been uploaded by ‘user’. Next, the Health bar of the torrent is about 80% of the way full with an orange/brownish color, what does that mean? If the bar is at 0% is the torrent dead? Moving on, I can’t even click the tab to rank torrents by date, size, or seeds unless I am at the search results, and even then, when I click on seeds, it still ranks them randomly.
Besides the obvious fact that your torrent side should be always updated, you may want to add a little button that takes you to the magnet link without having to download the file. Furthermore, why even bother adding the ‘direct link’ or ‘free download link’ when everyone knows it will never happen. Overall, I would go on with suggestions, but what is the point really when your ranking doesn’t work and your recent torrents are of 2014?

Update: As of May 2017 vertor is dead