Torrentus Proxy, unblock access

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The Site

Torrentus is unlike most Torrenting sites in that it provides a gathering of all torrent databases into one for easier viewing. It is exceptionally updated to cater to every user needs without the need to search individual torrent sites. It further provides thousands of active and verified torrents that are very easy to find.


The search box is perhaps the most important feature of the site as it is a rather unified search bar that runs any query through over 46 Torrent databases. It is well-known that functionality-wise this is a top notch file sharing site and adding to that the fact that torrents are safe to download as well as upload, this makes it worth your time. The 10 main categories below the search bar greatly help narrowing your searches, and further increase the efficiency of finding torrents through the subcategories represented in each category through a simple mouse hovering. Upon completing a search, the results are able to be laid out in the category of size, seed, leech, and age, and unlike some sites that don’t make this feature available; Torrentus makes it very easy to use and highly popular to click. Adding to the fact that it is still only a site to redirect to actual torrents, it still manages to show the seeds for each torrent and thus making it easy for the user to click it right then and there instead of checking from which torrent site the file is coming. Users can further make use of commenting and up voting or down voting torrents without the necessity of registering a user. Overall this is one of the best and most user-friendly torrent sites I have come across, with the sole aim of satisfying its large visitor base.

Design and Suggestions

Upon visiting the homepage, I am brought to a very nice looking design and especially cute logo whereas further down there’s torrent news in relation to cyber security issues. The design is very well coded and the site is strong in its structure; there are no ads and there are no annoying banners or links to ask for premium downloads. I have no suggestion as I cannot see how to better improve this torrent site. Well done.