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The Site is a torrent hosting site that provides access to different torrent related content on the web. The website has a very clean and simple design that makes it easier for the users to search different content that they want. Everything is nicely divided in categories that simplify the navigation around the website. Some of the salient features of the website remain to be analyzed below.


Upon the first visit, the user is greeted with the Home Page that contains a basic outline of the website, with sorted categories and the most downloaded torrents listed in each category. On the left side of the page users can find the general categories such as Movies, Music, Anime, Books and several others. Content-wise the site looks loaded on files. The Uploading feature of the website is only available to the registered members, which adds a sort of security against false uploads and links that waste a user’s time. All the popular torrents are sorted categorically, thus making it easier for the users to find what they are looking for. In addition to easier navigation the site also contains a list of popular searches that can be used as a recommendation list if the user is uncertain about the movie or the type of music that they are looking for. Overall the website has a nice interface and some nifty features that make it ideal for the users searching for different torrent related content. A nice feature of the site is brought on by the fact that there aren’t any ads and banners to clutter the whole website and make it hard to find what you are looking for. Furthermore, this works equally with or without an AdBlock, allowing any user to find the site easy to use and without hesitating to return to it. Overall this is a highly functional site that should definitely gain more popularity due to its simplicity and the idea that it is solely used for torrenting and not personalized gains.

Design and Suggestions

Talking about the theme, the website has a very simplistic looking web page design that fails to draw the attention of users towards it. The gold and white colors are prominent in the website, giving it a certain appeal. The website is nicely sorted, but it lacks the wow factor that would make the users stay on the page for a long time. To conclude, comparing with other Torrenting sites, this is one of the few I have seen that doesn’t raise any red flags as well as provide a user-friendly interface. I would highly suggest a bit of a color change so that the golden is not as dominant and hurtful to the eyes