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One of the most recent trends in web-building and design that’s making a huge comeback since the last decade is the wide-width style of web design. What this design basically does it displays the content as wide as the browser’s width can support, so if your browser’s viewing the page it extends from end to end, giving it an appealing look while also adding to the simplicity of the web-site. 

Unfortunately for TorrentExpress, I am not sure what they were aiming at with designs half-way done. Perhaps my first critique upon visiting the site is the fact that I simply cannot use it in dual screen with another page because half the content is lost. Now, as an avid fan of multitasking, and I’m sure I am not alone in this, it is inconvenient for me to devote time to a simple torrent search.

When did anyone ever, in their lifetime, click on the first torrent they see related to their search query? I am hoping the answer is never because for myself, I have to find the best ratio of seeds/size and in most torrent sites it is just a small ‘seeds’ button that rearranges everything to your desires. In this case, however, not only is the torrent site outdated, it does not even have ranking by seeds or size even if I want to search for a movie to download.


First off, design the site properly so that when it is minimized at least it shows a new search bar at the top, or even add an app-like button for drop-down lists. Secondly, if you are going to keep the torrent site looking this simple, at least make every search query result in a ranking of best to worst seeds, and if that is too much to ask, at least add the button for the user to click.