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As far as BitTorrent databases go, Torrent.CD is pretty rich in content, offering the usual movies and TV-shows, but also quite a large database of Anime. The site seems more personalized for some types of visitors due to its content and related searches, such as Russian, Korean, and Japanese, and is overall a free torrent site. Although it is full of content, some recent shows, movies, anime tend to be missing but that is due to a lesser popularity and thus less peers to upload torrents.
The website seems very user-friendly in its maneuverability and what makes searching easier is the side box of categories as well as subcategories that help narrow your search greatly. This is an efficient tool when dealing with a large database such as this sites’. The main categories in the home page allow for easier viewing of current and popular movies, TV-Shows, Anime, Adult films etc. Another side box that is helpful is just below the categories box and it provides  links to external sources of BitTorrent databases which can help the user find content that they otherwise can’t find here. The fans and loyal visitors can make use of that category by visiting other databases that the current site cooperates with. Furthermore as a free torrent site, it does not offer annoying popups that some sites tend to, therefore making it much more attractive to visit.
Design and Suggestions
The centered width design makes the site look much neater and professional, while the animations next to certain names make it very friendly. The download torrent button next to torrents doesn’t seem to work, and neither do the categories of dates, seeds, or leeches. I would highly recommend that more functionality is added to the buttons that exist.