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The Site

Tokyo Toshokan is a Japanese torrent directory that claims to contain all the latest Japanese content. Upon first visit, the website does not contain much at its welcome page other than a few links to donate or search torrents and a search bar. The website has a very minimal look with white background and basic font. Tokyo Toshokan does not contain many redeeming qualities that can help it to stand apart from the rest of the competition in the torrent category.


In the functionality department the website does not contain any categories or lists of the most searched content, neither does it contain any kind of sitemap that can guide the users to find the content that they desire. The homepage of the website contains a few links that the visitors can use to upload, donate or search torrents; other than that there are no unique features that are worth discussing. A distinguishing quality that TokyoTosho contains is being centered specifically towards Japanese content, but an in-depth analysis reveals that the website lacks any concrete content Japanese or otherwise. Most of the search result return adult or unrelated content that the searched words or phrase has no association to, the website looks very thin and does not contain much features or contents that could justify its claim to be one of the few sites that hold premium Japanese content. In addition to lacking any good content the website lacks any structure that would enable the users to reach the particular link or content that they desire, even the search bar fails to fulfill its function. The only redeeming quality that the website has is it separately categorizes different content. The users would easily be able to distinguish whether their desired content is in the search results or not. Other than that there is not much that this website has to offer.

Design and Suggestions

The website fails to capture the attention of the audience and visitors due to its very bland and minimalistic page. Regardless of the design, the torrent site yet fails to answer the user needs and is completely outdated. In short, what is the design worth, if anything, when the website does not deliver what it is supposed to? I highly recommend that the site focus on delivering content, being that they aim to bring Japanese media content at a premium quality.