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A very useful BitTorrent site especially for new users is SevenTorrents. It is a good source of fast and new movie files while it receives over half a million visitors monthly. The goal here is to gather the highest quality of recently released movies and put them together in one spot, and looking at the database, they are achieving this successfully.
Perhaps one of the most functional sites I have seen In terms of providing useful information to users. So if you’re a first-time user this wouldn’t be a bad place to start. You are well informed about the site statistics, as well as instructions on certain methods that will make your BitTorrent life easier, such as how to block popups, use your own downloads profile, etc. Since almost all sites provide categories of movies, I will focus more on what is not on other sites. Specifically, the user can differentiate between p2p groups, which are responsible for most of the movie uploads, starting with YIFY, RARBG, Juggs, etc. Instead of visiting their sites separately, you may just categorize based on uploads as they are exactly the same uploads; only the links appear on this website for easy access. Movies are laid out extremely well and in a very informative way, while you can also pick right away the definition of the movie and then just download it. Users are also informed of the recent releases and popular movies as well as how many torrents exist for each of them without the need to click and find out or be disappointed that there aren’t any torrents.
Design & Suggestions
The site is designed perfectly to reveal any information you want without having to be directed to another page, and frankly, that is a very rare feature that not many websites possess. I would suggest a small improvement that also allowed listed viewings of torrents without the need to scroll a lot, as well as provide seed and leech information right on the side of the listed torrents. Users can gain a lot by this feature when they are just looking for a new movie that is also popularly viewed.