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The increasing number of BitTorrent sites leaves little desire to look for new ones, especially when the popular ones like Kick-Ass Torrents or the former popular PirateBay exist. With that in mind, other torrent sites become less useful with the exception that they might have certain files that other sites do not provide.

The search bar is placed correctly at the top and it does not become an obstacle when the window is minimized while visiting the site. The main and only category that is available on the front page is the Today’s TOP torrents which in my personal opinion are hardly useful when dealing with a not-so-popular torrent site. Just below the Today’s TOP category are ‘recent searches’ tags that leave me wondering about the tags at the top. Are they both recent searches, and if yes, why would you separate them in an unappealing way? Also, upon searching any query, the result doesn’t allow for categorical listing by seeds or size or anything like that, and that makes this site pretty useless in terms of efficiency in finding torrents. Overall the site seems to be updated but the seed/leech information seem to be wrong as they mostly display 0/0 while the torrent loads very fast anyway. 

Design & Suggestions

From the first look it can be seen that this site is coded with little or no experience in HTML and a lot of code copying. The whole content is left-sided which is why the search bar is always visible when you reduce the screen size. I would highly recommend making the content centered and making the categories clickable for easier viewing, as this would require very basic HTML and PHP coding skills.