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Btloft obviously stands for BitTorrent Loft and upon visiting the site, it seems like a pretty old and left out loft. Although the site is fairly updated, it is not fully updated with the recent 2015 shows that are coming out like Orange is the New Black, or even Game of Thrones. Any site that doesn’t have the latest GoTh episodes is outdated in my opinion.
The site is okay functional, it provides with a search bar right away for users to find content, as well as adds a lot of torrents daily, but somehow not the popular ones. Like some other torrent sites, the user cannot effectively search for torrents because they cannot rank torrents by seeds, date, or size. The browse category is perhaps the only part of the site that actually helps in categorizing between shows, movies, music, etc. But even then, the user will have a bad time finding a specific torrent they want to download. The site is more or less incomplete in its code; the Registration page leads nowhere, so it hasn’t been coded yet, and the same goes for the Stats page. The seed/leech information is also not well updated and the overall speed of torrents is pretty low.
Design & Suggestions
It would be okay to talk about the design except that there is no point when the site doesn’t provide what it is made to: good torrents. I find the download torrent button helpful, but again, it doesn’t matter if the site is outdated. The only suggestions would be to update to the latest contents and then fix the functionality in being able to categorize torrents as well as show better information about them.