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The Site
AxxoMovies is a long-standing file sharing site through torrent databases known to be uploaded at their premium and best quality upon release. Axxo, namely the owner of the AxxoMovies as well as the Axxo torrent uploads is one of the most famous uploaders  you may have seen on popular sites such as Kick-Ass, or former PTB.
The site is highly functional and dedicated to providing only the best quality of movies, and only movies. Since the staff is focused only on movies, it further means they are doing a good job at providing any movie links. The site is one of the most visited by torrent fans and veterans of torrent downloading who happen to also be loyal downloaders of specific Axxo torrents. The main page directly brings forward all the options you will ever need in finding movies; that includes 12 categories of movies you may search through and a very useful ‘How to Download’ button that takes the user to instructions on downloading torrents. Rarely does a site have such a category to help users find their way, but it is nonetheless a very useful feature as the trends of file sharing grow day by day. First-time users as well as returning ones will find it extremely easy to search for movies which get listed in a scrolling thumbnail mode for better viewing. Below every movie is the button to further details that takes you to the download of either the torrent or the direct magnet link. On the right are most downloaded movies to date that help users’ find popular content and recent good movies.
Design and Suggestions
The design is rather straightforward, while enabling easy viewing of files and making it less painful on the eyes due to the simplistic yet sufficient design. I would yet add a few changes, such as adding the download options at the front of the results instead of having to click once to take you to the movie details. Although for users who like to view more details, that button is also worth it as it provides an IMDb link as well as the trailer. I would further improve the functionality by also adding a short movie description without needing to click on the IMDb link. Overall this is a highly rich database of movies and I strongly recommend using it for your movie needs.