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Seedpeer proxy, unblock

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Seedpeer is one of the most famous torrent sites formerly known as meganova, renamed in 2007. The frontpage of is full busy with list of torrents, tags, links and a single search bar to search torrents in all the categories. The site is available in 7 languages and has firefox and internet explorer plugins. All torrents are categorized into 8 main categories and 600 sub categories making it one of the most organized website with structured torrent data. Users can upload torrents anonymously. Registration provides additional benefits like commenting on torrents, bookmarking and uploading your own torrents and managing them. It also has an verified torrents section where one can search torrents that are verified by the community. They also provide usenet binaries. Currently they have more than 6million torrents in their index and 246,454 verified torrents. This site has been blocked by major UK ISPs owing to court orders.

YourBittorret Proxy, Unblock

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YourBittorrent is one of the most famous bittorrent websites in UK. It was founded as mybittorrent in 2003. In 2009 due to a split in ownership it has been renamed to Your bittorrent. It is a torrent meta data indexed and searcher. It doesnot host any files itself. It merely allows users to search metadata of its torrents collection. They also had issues with their domain registrar. They use highly automated software with less human intervention in searching and indexing torrents. All torrents are categorized into movies, music, television, games, software, anime and adult categories. The site has a simple layout with top 50 torrents shown on the websites home page and various sections showing tag cloud and random suggestions. The site has been in the news when microsoft sent DMCA notices against opensource torrents.